Kit for infrared Applications

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Arduino mini infrared wireless remote-control kit consists of ultra-thin infrared remote control and 38KHz infrared receiver module. This mini slim infrared remote control with 20 function keys. Its transmit distances up to 8 meters. Ideal for handling a variety of equipment indoors.
IR receiver module can receive standard 38KHz modulation remote control signal. You can decode the remote-control signal through Arduino programming. You can design a variety of remote control robots and interactive works. 

Kit Includes: 

  • Universal IR receiver (HS0038) 
  • IR Remote Control 
  • Size: square, 7mm by 8mm detector area 
  • Output: 0V (low) on detection of 38KHz carrier, 5V (high) otherwise 
  • Sensitivity range: 800nm to 1100nm with peak response at 940nm. Frequency range is 35KHz to 41KHz with peak detection at 38KHz 
  • Power supply: 5V DC 3mA 


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