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Atmel AVR ISP Shield Programmer

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This is an easy to use shield module that fits on top of a standard Arduino UNO.

To use it as a programming device, you load your Uno with the AVR ISP software contained in the
Arduino IDE.  You can then insert an Atmel Mega328 (or another supported Atmel Chip) into the ZIF Socket.

Set your IDE to burn with AVR ISP and then burn your bootloader.
The whole operation only takes about 10 seconds.

You can also use it as a standard programmer while it’s attached to your Arduino UNO Board. So, compile your sketch and instead of click upload,
hold down the shift key and then click upload, and it will push your sketch into the Mega328 sitting
in the ZIF socket.  This is how I get the blink sketch on the Mega328PU after encoding it, with the

  • AVR ISP Shield
  • 28-Pin ZIF Socket


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