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MiniOne 5V, 16Mhz Prototyping Board by NEXTRONIC©

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Arduino MiniOne , 16Mhz Development Board by NEXTRONIC©

MiniOne is one of the best board to start your personal electronics projects, it is built upon the famous ARDUINO Pro Mini,  MiniOne minimal design approach to Arduino. does not come with connectors populated so that you can solder in any connector or wire with any orientation you need. MiniOne has all of the hardware peripherals like the Arduino Pro Mini. The MiniOne is meant for users that understand the limitations of system voltage (5V), lack of connectors, and USB off board. It’s thin! It’s the MiniOne!

  • ATmega328 running at 16MHz with external resonator (0.5% tolerance)
  • Input voltage – 5-12V
  • 14 Digital I/O Pins (6 PWM outputs)
  • 8 Analog Inputs
  • All SMD Construction
  • Weighs less than 2 grams!
  • Low-voltage board needs no interfacing circuitry to popular 3.3V devices and modules (GPS, accelerometers, sensors, etc)
  • 7×1.3″ (18x33mm)
  • 8mm Thin PCB
  • USB connection off board
  • Supports auto-reset
  • 5V regulator
  • Max 150mA output
  • Over current protected
  •  On board Power and Status LEDs



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