Arduino Nano to Arduino Uno Adapter

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Arduino Nano-Uno Converter enables every Arduino Nano board to hook up to Arduino shields in the Uno form factor.

Furthermore, Arduino Nano-Uno Converter adds a much stronger voltage regulation for 3.3V and 5V. And it handles input voltages up to 35VDC.

You don’t need to buy Arduino Uno boards anymore to make use of Arduino shields. You can attach your Arduino Nano to the Uno board on one side, and your shields on the other side. Done. Because the Arduino Nano is the smarter and more powerful device!

  • 2 x 15 pin female through-board headers for an Arduino Nano V3.0 (or compatible)
  • 2 pin header for A6 and A7
  • Reset button
  • Standard DC axial connector
  • 5V (max 1.5A) linear voltage regulator kit for Vin = 7-35V DC
  • 3.3V (max. 250mA) linear voltage regulator kit
  • Standard Arduino Uno R3 headers and pinout


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