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LCD4884 shield has monochrome graphic display with 84×48 resolution and SPI interface (from Nokia 3110 phone) and a 5-position digital joystick, polled via analog pin.

With a blue back light. It can easily display six rows of fourteen alphanumeric characters, or two rows of six very large characters.

Furthermore, it can display bitmap images that are appropriately sized. At the top-left of the shield digital pins eight to thirteen have been expanded with matching Vcc and GND pins, and at the bottom right the same has been done with analogue pins one through to five. Therefore if using this shield, you will lose digital pins two through to seven and analogue zero.




  • Power Supply: 5V.
  • SPI Interface.
  • One Reset button.
  • One 5 degree joystick (Analog Pin 0).
  • Backlit control (DIO Pin 7).

         from dfrobot.com


For more details about this product watch the following showcase video:


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4884 LCD Arduino Library.


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